"Patriotism" has become a loaded word, too often wielded against people with whom we might disagree or whose cultural origins don't match our own. But American's founding fathers -- Washington, Jefferson, Adams and others -- saw patriotism as a dynamic force, an act of service in an evolving nation that defined its purpose by offering all people an opportunity at a better way of life.

This book provides evidence that this original ideal has been lost in our current climate, which is suffering from an eroded sense of civic obligation. But then it introduces a range of inspiring people who  have revived our national purpose by taking action:

     -- The out of work college graduate who led an environmental and economic renewal of her blighted home community

     -- The retired physician who pioneered  a revolutionary method of delivering health care to people without insurance 

     -- The minister who created a legendary multiracial choir, uniting children of all races and economic strata into one harmonious voice

     -- The woman whose determination in the face of illness inspired a new path for medical research

     -- The attorney who fought for justice on behalf of wrongly convicted inmates, and won (hundreds of times)

     -- The family who donated their deceased daughter's heart, so that another woman might live

These and other authentic patriots offer hope, ideas, and practical resources for readers interested in rebuilding the nation by renewing the American spirit.

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“From retiree Jack McConnell in South Carolina to Majora Carter in the South Bronx, Americans who brought real change to their communities have maintained a great nation while our institutions failed us. AUTHENTIC PARTIOTISM is the story of people whom you have never heard of, but who are most responsible for the greatness of America.” – Gov. Howard Dean MD

“A good-hearted and hard headed appeal. “ – Kirkus Reviews

“Heartfelt. … A stirring argument against apathy and for engagement.” – Publishers Weekly