Photo: Noah Kiernan

Photo: Noah Kiernan

"Stephen Kiernan writes with sure-footed mastery and patience." -- Peter Heller, Celine, The Dog Stars

"Touching, insightful and timely. Illuminating, uplifting and ultimately redemptive." -- RT Book Reviews

"As thought-provoking and powerful as Flowers for Algernon, and the writing is breathtakingly beautiful." -- Chris Bohjalian, The Sleepwalker, Midwives

RELEASED IN 2017, a new novel: 




“Like a good movie focusing on a momentous occasion – in this case, D-Day – The Baker’s Secret makes the moment personal, particular, and vivid.

This novel transcends even a critical moment in history to suggest the inescapable human condition of ignorance of the future, and the absolute necessity of hope, courage, and unselfish sacrifice.” 

―Sena Jeter Naslund, Ahab’s Wife and The Fountain of St. James Court